Mole´s Origin

Mexican cuisine is a manifestation of both mexican art and culture. And It´s the result of a mixture between Prehispanic and Colonial cultures that came in the spanish colonization of Mexico. The large kitchens of Puebla´s convents during that stage were the place where mole was origined.
The word "mole" comes from the mexican word "chilmulli" (prepared with chili). Hisotirans narrate how Aztecs cooked a special meal called "mulli" (mixture). Thus, chili as a basic element in the meal, is the only linguistic element that appears in the word "mole", giving as a result an enormous variety of delicacies known as "mole" that actuallly are very different between themselves.
Each region gave mole its own characteristics and that is how the different versions of mole came to be: "mole poblano" from Puebla, "mole negro" from Oaxaca, "mole amarillo" from the sotheastern part of the country, "mole colorado" from the Valley of Mexico", "mole ranchero", "mole verde", "mole de olla", "mole pipian", and many others that amaze because their complexity as their simplicity.
Due to all its varietys and regions where mole is prepared, it is one of Mexico´s most representative meals, making mole a meal for special occasions.



Mole in its different regional versions is enriched with a variety of ingredients brought to Mexico from the old continent and the spices of the oriental Indies.


Fat All Europe
Origan Mole negro North America
Potatoes Mole verde North America
Parsley All Europe
Pepper Some North America
Radish Mole verde North America
Green Tomatoe Mole verde y negro Mixteca Region
Chard Mole verde North America
Garlic All Europe
Sesame Mole poblano y negro Arabs Countries
Almond Mole poblano y negro Arabs Countries
Peanut Mole negro America
Pumpkin and Seeds Mole verde Mixteca Region
Cinnamon Most North America
Onion All Europe
Coriander Mole verde North America
Clove Some North America
Cumin Mole verde y negro North America
Chilli All Mixteca Region
Chocolate Mole poblano y negro America
Corn All America
Epazote Mole verde Mixteca Region
Spinach Mole verde North America
Tomatoe All, except mole verde Mixteca Region
Lettuce Mole verde North America